Ascension Lutheran Church

Ascension Lutheran Church
  Spiritual Gifts Inventory  

Each of us is like a gift package from God.  Our combination of gifts is unique.  Not one of us has ever been replicated on this earth!  Our giftedness includes our talents and abilities, styles, interests, experiences, preferences, and passions for serving in the world.  Our gifts are part of an abundant web of giftedness in our faith community.  These gifts were given to us so that we might minister together as partners in God’s work in the world.  And our gifts are meant for us to enjoy too!  When we live out our gifts, we discover the joys of an abundant life. 

This inventory has three purposes: 

* To help you identify your own gifts; 

* To help our faith community recognize and celebrate the abundance of our gifts; 

* To gather information for a resource database so our shared ministry team can make you aware of ministry opportunities in our church and community that match your own gifts. 

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