Ascension Lutheran Church

Ascension Lutheran Church
Worship Services
At Ascension, we offer 4 distinctive worship opportunities each week.

Saturdays @ 5:30 PM

The Saturday worship service is an abbreviated liturgical service.  Holy Communion is offered each week.

Sundays @ 8:00 AM

The early Sunday worship service is also an abbreviated liturgical service with Holy Communion offered each week. 

Sundays @ 9:30/10:00 AM

  9:30 AM Summer Schedule                                                                         (Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend)

 10:00 AM Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule – the rest of the year

Ascension Luthern Church Worship

The late Sunday worship service is a full liturgy service in which the setting varies.  The first and third Sundays offer a contemporary setting in which Tamarack, our adult music group, leads the music.  The other Sundays of the month are more traditional.  This service is also referred to as our Family Worship Service.  Throughout the school year our Sunday Church School classes(PreK-1st Grade) are held during this service.  The nursery is staffed all year for this service to accommodate families with small children and Holy Communion is offered every week.

Wednesdays @ 5:15 PM

Holy Communion will be offered at each service.


Special Music

Ascension Lutheran Church Worship

Ascension Lutheran Church Worship

Ascension Lutheran Church Worship

Many of our worship services include special music.  Examples are the Bell Choir, Sanctuary Choir, Tamarack, Children’s choirs, special groups and Gregg Thomas Gernetzke.  If you are interested in sharing your special gift in music, contactthe office @ 715-356-4426.


We have a nursery available to assist families with small children.  The nursery is available for all worship services, however it is staffed with a volunteer on Sundays from 9:30 to 10:30am (Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day weekend) and 10:00 to 11:00am (rest of the year).

Ascension Lutheran Church